• Table of Contents
    • Article
      • Life and Work
      • Historical Materialism
      • Marx's Economic Theory – General Approach and Influence
      • Marx's Labour Theory of Value
      • Marx's Theory of Rent
      • Marx's Theory of Money
      • Marx's Theory of Surplus-Value
      • The Laws of Motion of the Capitalist Mode of Production
      • (a) The Capitalist's Compulsion to Accumulate
      • (b) The Tendency Towards Constant Technological Revolutions
      • (c) The Capitalists’ Unquenchable Thirst for Surplus-Value Extraction
      • (d) The Tendency Towards Growing Concentration and Centralization of Capital
      • (e) The Tendency for the ‘Organic Composition of Capital’ to Increase
      • (f) The Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Decline
      • (g) The Inevitability of Class Struggle under Capitalism
      • (h) The Tendency Towards Growing Social Polarization
      • (i) The Tendency Towards Growing Objective Socialization of Labour
      • (j) The Inevitability of Economic Crises under Capitalism
      • Marx's Theory of Crises
      • Marx and Engels on the Economy of Post-Capitalist Societies
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Edition jacket - 1987

Marx, Karl Heinrich (1818–1883)

Ernest Mandel
From The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics, First Edition, 1987
Edited by John Eatwell, Murray Milgate and Peter Newman
Alternate versions available: 2008 Edition
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