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April 2014 release

European Union (EU) research and experimental development (R&D) policy by Henri Delanghe, The European Commission, Belgium
Research and experimental development (R&D) and technological innovation policy by Henri Delanghe and Ugur Muldur, both at The European Commission, Belgium
History and comparative development by Louis Putterman, Brown University, USA

Arab Spring special feature: economic profiles of the following countries:


Revised article: Dale T. Mortensen by Rasmus Lentz, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

December 2013 release

LIBOR: origins, economics, crisis, scandal and reform by David Hou and David Skeie, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, USA
Personal debt and psychological health by John Gathergood, University of Nottingham, UK
Dutch Disease and foreign aid by Christopher Adam, University of Oxford, UK
Aid conditionality by Oliver Morrissey, University of Nottingham, UK
Factor misallocation and development by Diego Restuccia, University of Toronto, Canada

March 2013 release

Google by Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google, USA
Pricing on the Internet by Michael R Baye, Indiana University and John Morgan, University of California Berkeley, USA
Debt mutualization in the ongoing Eurozone crisis - a tale of the ''North'' and the ''South'' by Ansgar Belke, University of Duisburg – Essen, Germany
Fiscal multipliers by Menzie Chinn, the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) Linus Wilson, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
Statistical analysis of clinical trial data for resource allocation decisions by Andrea Manca and Rita Faria, University of York, UK